Most of my time I spend on my Side Projects. I experiment with a variety of stuff and hone my skills with these projects. I mostly use Python and Go for these stuff and sometime JavaScript. For backend stuff I use either FastAPI or Django(Python) and Echo or Gin for Go. For frontend, I always prefer Vue.js or just use a templating library(Jinja or Go Templates). Checkout my GitHub for other projects.


  • A minimal and Fast Shell Prompt made with Go
  • My First ever Go project


  • Self Updating GitHub Action for GitHub Profile Readme
  • 300+ stars on GitHub


  • Archie is a theme for Hugo
  • I developed it in 2020 and it’s the same theme that powers this site.

Some other Projects are

  • JioFi CLI a CLI for a JioFi router. It connects to the JioFi server and fetches info via HTTP requests. Built with Python
  • Hopp CLI official CLI for the HoppScotch Project. Made with Go and it features include Multiple HTTP Requests and Documentation Generation for HTTP Requests.
  • zet is a fork of zettel which is a Site Generator for Digital Gardens. My fork includes many new features like search, better Graph stylings and faster pages.
  • TermChat can be used to send messages from terminal via websockets.
  • Jimbru is an Analytics server and dashboard built with FastAPI and Jinja2.
  • MailMon is a small server which sends Newsletters and Emails for multiple people. Made with Go and Vue.js.

Hobby Projects

These are mainly my Mechanical Keyboard projects


My first mechanical keyboard build. Cost me nearly $100(₹7000) but it was really worth it.


My second mechanical keyboard build. Cost me less than $100. I am liking the 40% keyboard usage.


34 Key keyboard. Low Profile. Custom designed the PCB(forked and changed the silkscreen). Had to import the Switches and Keycaps from Canada.

Corne Wireless

Xiao based Wireless Corne. Cute 3D printed case.


Most elaborate keyboard after Ergodash. Big OLED Screens makes it a lot more fun